Ten Most popular Web Design Tendencies to Be careful For In 2013

Web designing industry is full of creativity. It evolves constantly. Every year, a new trend or new feature dominates the industry. Web designers and business owners keep their eyes open for the hottest trends for the upcoming year. This helps them in planning the launch of their products or helps them in devising marketing campaigns. 10 hottest trends for the year 2013 are as follows.ransparent CSS styling: Transparent CSS styling looks chic. It allows the user to interact with various fields on the website without any hindrance. The transparency feature enables quick navigation on Smartphones and mobile devices. It is a firebrand for 2013.Vertical Navigation: Growing number of Smartphones and handheld devices has changed the integral principles of navigation layouts. In earlier years, horizontal layout was extremely popular because it was best suited for computer screens. Mobile devices have smaller screens and vertical navigation seems more practical. Vertical navigation will be one of the hot spots in 2013.

Good-bye to stock photos: Consumers appreciate real -time images when it comes to businessĀ  web design darlingtonĀ  sites. Use of stock photos will diminish in 2013.Unconventional fonts: Creativity will be at its peak in 2013; web artists will experiment with different fonts and break stereotype fonts. Fonts like Helvetica and Tahoma will top the popularity charts in the coming year.Oversized fonts: Oversized fonts will evolve in the year 2013. These fonts will be used in different sizes throughout the website. The font size will determine if the text is important or notSlide fly out menus: Smart phone users navigate the web on a smaller screen as compared to computer users. Websites in 2013 will include slide fly out menus or sliding panels for easy navigation. Slide fly out menus will integrate ease of navigation and responsive design.

The use of cartoons: Doodles and sketches will play an important part in web designing in 2013. Designers will use sketches, illustrations, and cartoon graphics instead of stock photographs. Sketches and illustrations have strong ability to connect with audience in less time as compared to stock images.Vibrant colors: Vibrant colors will dominate web design trends in 2013. Rich colors will dominate personal and business websites. Multiple hues and mix of fluorescent colors will emerge as hot spot for designers.Stylish buttons: Most websites will keep mobile users in mind when opting for styling and customization. Stylish buttons that are touch responsive will be hot among the web designers.

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